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From time immemorial Bergen has had an attraction for visitors, partly due to the situation of the village on the edge of dunes and nature. It is well over 1000 years old and built around the Ruined Church which dates from the 15th century. In and close to the centre there are historic buildings such as the Meerwijk villa park, built around 1915 in the style of the Amsterdam School.

From time immemorial Bergen has been a village for artists who regard the peace and space as a source of inspiration; broad avenues with plenty of greenery and large residences hard up against nature. Works of the `Bergen School', the artistic movement named after the village, can be seen, with other things, in the Kranenburg Museum.

There are still a great many artists in residence, exhibiting their pieces in the galleries and the artists' centre. Markets for art and objets d'art are held in the summer and in October there is the Ten Days of the Coast event. In August The International Holland Music Sessions is on the programme, a course for young international musical talent. The centre of Bergen has available terraces, cafes and restaurants - and, most important for the shopping enthusiast, small shops.

Bergen is throughout the country very well known as a village of art. Many artists are inspired by the beauty of this region and decided to live here. In the summer you can find once a week lots of artists selling there work on the "Kunstmarkt"( arts&crafts market).

Every year in October we can enjoy de "KUNSTTIENDAAGSE"which translates to "the ten days of art". People from all over the country and from across the borders come to visit this event. In those ten days the doors of the many ateliers and galleries are open to the public.

So, why shouldn't you for once let those creative juices flow and create your own "masterpiece"!

Since we have all the professionals in town, we can offer you a variety of workshops, you surely will enjoy.

BB De Pinksterbloem and locale artists will make your visit to Bergen a very special one.

Sleep in a most comfortable bed, wake refreshed up and enjoy a great breakfast. And than you have a plan. You are taking a workshop today!

  • painting
  • pottery
  • felting
  • soaping

All the workshops are in walking distance of a few minutes, or in the house.If that sounds like fun to you, contact Britta and ask for more details.

Come to Bergen to enjoy nature and to inhale the great sea air. Refill your hard needed energy. Your body and your soul will be grateful to you.

We like to intense this process of pampering yourself and can offer a variety of massages to you.

Plan your 'relax and sleep' days ahead and contact Britta for further details.

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Bazaar - Black Market Beverwijk
It's only a 20 minute drive from BERGEN

The Bazaar offers you a world of fragrance, taste, colour, and experience. Beverwijk is a place where cultures meet.

What began on the 13th September 1980 in the former flower and vegetable auction hall in Beverwijk, very quickly grew into a mega tourist attraction. The first ‘Zwarte’ Markt (‘Black’ Market) immediately attracted 500 stallholders and 14,000 visitors. In particular, the special Bazaar atmosphere and word-of-mouth advertising further heightened the market’s increasing popularity.

The city Alkmaar is only a 10 minute drive!

For our Israeli guests
With this link to LAMETAYEL you can find more information about the events of 2010 in Holland. We hope you will find lots of fun things to do lametayel calender